The Best Suction Plate and Bowl for Babies and Toddlers

It is so frustrating to search and search for a great suction bowl or plate for your baby or toddler only to find out that it doesn’t work for your little one. So many of these products are advertised as having great suction, but in reality, they can’t compete with the strength of the average baby or toddler. I know what it’s like to be excited, thinking you finally found the one that is going to work, only to find your child’s meal on the floor a few minutes later.

As a feeding therapist and mom to a very curious and active toddler, I have tried many different types of plates and bowls over the years. While I do think that it is good to teach your child how to use regular dishes and learn the self-control to keep their plate on the table or tray, it’s also okay to need a little convenience in your life.

Being a parent is hard and as much as I value learning to use regular dishes, I also value making parenting easier when possible. It is ideal to sit and eat with your kids, but we all are busy and sometimes you have to multi-task when you’re child is eating. Sometimes you have a sink full of dishes to conquer or a lunch to pack for the next day. When you walk away from your child, it’s nice to know they can’t throw their entire plate to the floor!

Suction Plates and Bowls for Baby-Led Weaning

If you are taking a baby-led weaning approach to feeding your baby, a suction plate and bowl are must have items! They help provide baby with more independence because you won’t need to hover over their plate or bowl to prevent it from spilling over. For more about how to start baby-led weaning check out our article What is Baby-Led Weaning and How to Start.

The Best Brand of Suction Bowl and Plate is…

Avanchy! The suction is superior to every other option I have tried and they are also great quality and non-plastic (which is very hard to find for kids feeding products).

The Best Suction Plate

Avanchy Toddler Baby Plates Divided Bamboo, Suction for Babies Kids Toddler Food with Silicone Spoon for Feeding, Pink

Avanchy Bamboo Divided Plate

The plate is bamboo, which I love, and it has stood the test of time and use in our house. There is an option for an undivided plate as well as a divided plate with 3 sections. There is a smaller size plate for babies and a larger plate for toddlers.

All plates also come with a spoon, which is a nice addition. The spoon bowl is coated in silicone and matches the suction cup of the plate. The suction comes in a variety of color options. It is dishwasher safe but should not be put in the microwave.

The Best Suction Bowl

Avanchy Baby Bowls with Suction. Food Set for Babies Kids Toddler Boys Girl + Travel Baby Silicone Spoon. Fits Feeding High Chair Table, Green

Avanchy Bamboo Bowl

I love the bamboo bowl because I am always a fan of avoiding plastic when possible. The bamboo bowl comes with a spoon, just like the plate does. Both options are dishwasher safe but neither should be put in the microwave.

If you are looking for a new suction bowl or plate for your baby or toddler, give Avanchy a try. Both fit great on a standard high chair tray and even fit the small tray of our travel high chair.

Check out Avanchy’s website for more information about their products!

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