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Hi! My name is Marielle Marquez and I am a wife, mom, and pediatric occupational therapist based in the Santa Clarita Valley in northern Los Angeles County. Growing up I always knew I wanted to work with kids. Like many teenagers, I babysat all throughout junior high and high school. One child in particular was really special to me. She had developmental disabilities and wasn’t an easy kid, but we formed a special bond over the years. After that experience I knew I wanted find a career where I could help children with developmental needs.

After discovering what occupational therapy was, it seemed like a perfect fit for me. I studied Human Development in undergrad and went on to get a master’s in occupational therapy.

After OT school I worked in a few different settings. That first year I worked in schools, in private clinics, and in client’s homes. After about a year, I started the job I am still at 14 years later. I work at a local community hospital, mostly in the outpatient therapy clinic and the NICU. In 2024 I began seeing private clients as well to help more families in my community!

I love to learn new ways to help my patients and have pursued many specialty areas over the years. I have a certification in neonatal massage, am a certified lactation educator, and have an advanced certification in feeding and swallowing. I am passionate about infant development and helping babies to thrive in all ways!

When I had a baby of my own, I realized there is still so much I did not know or understand about babies and parenting. After experiencing firsthand how many long-term challenges can result from tongue ties, I became passionate about tongue tie/tethered oral tissues (TOTs). It’s strange how some of the most challenging experiences in life can ignite new passions and you can be grateful for this in a way (at least that’s how it is for me).

Thanks to my kids, I have learned a lot about TOTs and airway disorders and this has allowed me to help my patients in completely new ways. I have always been passionate about teaching parents how to advocate for their children, but after becoming a mother I have learned this at a much deeper level.

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