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Teaching How to Drink From an Open Cup

Believe it or not you can start working on this skill by 5 or 6 months of age. In fact, some people even offer newborns sips of breast milk from an open cup if they are having trouble latching.

Of course you can always hold a glass for your baby and offer them a sip while you hold the cup. But if you want to allow your baby to hold the cup themself, try offering a very small amount in a tiny vessel. You probably already have something in your cabinet that would work. Great options include: A medicine cup, the cap to a baby bottle, a Dixie cup, or even a shot glass.

If you want something special just for your little one, my favorites include either a Nosey cup, the Ezpz Tiny Cup, or the Spoutless Sippy by Grabease. For older toddlers and children, I really like the Reflo Smart Cup.

Yes, working on this skill will likely involve quite a few messy moments. But it’s a skill that we all need to learn eventually and most kids can be pretty good at it between age 1 to 2 if they have had the opportunity to practice.

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