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Picking the Best Spoon for Your Baby

It’s amazing how many options are out there for every single product these days. Buying spoons for your baby may feel like a simple task at first, until you walk down the aisle at the store or google “baby spoon” on Amazon. So many different brands, shapes, and sizes…Does it matter which one you pick or should you just grab one?

Not all spoons are created equal! I recommend finding a spoon that your baby can be independent with. It’s okay for you to be the one feeding them too, but using spoons that encourage independence and offering this opportunity early on will pay off in the long run. Some tips when choosing a spoon for your new eater:

  • A shorter spoon increases accuracy with scooping and bringing it to their mouth
  • A chubby handle is easier for baby to hold
  • A shallow spoon bowl will make it easier for your baby to remove the food
  • Softer materials like silicone allow for the spoon to double as a great teether!

Some examples of my favorites:

Olababy Spoon
NumNum Pre-spoon Gootensils
EzPz Tiny Spoon
Grabease Self-feeding Utensils

To learn how to teach baby to use the spoon independently, check out our other article on Teaching Baby How to Use a Spoon!

Teaching Baby How to Use a Spoon

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